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Your Body Is A Healing Machine

If you take control over your own health, you can feel better and better the older you get.

Joan Kasich is a Certified Natural Health Professional. Since 1999, Joan has helped over 2000 people to feel better and get healthier. How she does this is amazing. She is like your personal health detective who uses the frequency of your vocal chords to make a VoiceBio Print. You can then see the true source of nagging symptoms you may have. You may also discover which emotions may be holding you back and why.


Joan takes a holistic approach when she works with you. You will receive a comprehensive health analysis targeted to your specific, individual needs. You will get up to date educational materials on how to maintain your health, and top quality nutritional supplements that get results. You will also learn what foods to eat that not only taste good, but enhance your body’s chemistry. Contact Joan to schedule an appointment in her office, or by telephone.

Joan is also available for classes and presentations.


Joan Kasich

Certified Natural Health Professional

Independent BEMER Distributor

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